Testo Saveris-2 T3 for connectable temperature probes

$497.00 + Freight & GST

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Testo Saveris-2 T3 for connectable temperature probes

    • For two connectable TC probes (optionally available)
    • Measuring range -195 to + 1350˚ C. (with optional Type K probe/s)
    • Internal data memory for 2 x 10,000 measurement values
    • 24 months’ battery life
    • Dust and splash protected according to IP54

Part of the Testo Saveris 2 range

Affordable and simple to use-
Monitoring systems are usually expensive and require time-consuming installation, not to mention maintenance. With a Saveris 2 system you can get up and running from as little as $255.00 (ex GST) and it couldn’t be easier to set up and get started.

24 month warranty
As standard we offer an extended warranty for Saveris 2 loggers so you can also relax knowing you’re covered for a 2 year period.

Free advanced cloud license
All customers who purchase in 2015 will receive an advanced cloud license with even more capabilities, completely free of charge.

Monitoring temperature and humidity is particularly important where incorrect climatic conditions can have drastic consequences. Businesses can incur needless costs should a cooling or heating system malfunction, leading to wasted stock or worse. Such costs can be detrimental to production and ultimately profit margins. Examples of Saveris 2 applications include:

Food production
Facilities maintenance
IT server rooms
Pharmacy storerooms