Testo REXS – Reproducible EXhaust Simulator

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  • Combustion soot particles with similar mobility distribution to diesel emissions
  • Stable, reproducible particle size distribution with less than 5% deviation
  • 6 possible operation points with mode diameter between 30 nm and 120 nm
  • Stable operation even when there are changes in the absolute pressure due to increasing backpressure in loaded filters

Reproducible EXhaust Simulator generates nano-sized soot particles which are very similar to diesel soot, and is fully automated. It is impressive thanks to its high mass output, ease of use and attractive cost-saving potential.

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Product Description

testo REXS is installed in a rolling 19-inch rack. Easy to learn how to use, thanks to its simple design and clear control elements. Check and monitor control parameters using the indicator lights, display and software.


Unlike a diesel combustion engine, the testo REXS not only generates a reproducible, constant and stable exhaust gas flow, but also nanoparticle size distributions in particular. This is a key advantage for filter manufacturers for measuring the effectiveness of particle filters for combustion engines of motor vehicles, ships, rail vehicles or cranes. This also plays an important role in the calibration of test benches for engines. Moreover, the testo REXS is also ideal for testing and certifying air inlet filters, cab filters and dust extraction devices.



Delivery Scope

testo REXS – Reproducible EXhaust Simulator with high mass output, including country-specific power cable and calibration certificate