Testo 755-2 Current / Voltage meter w/ 200 a AC, 1000 V AC/DC


The testo 755-2 includes important additional features: phase rotation, voltage range up to 1000V, and the unique feature which allows the user to check for voltage using only a single lead.  The testo 755 current/voltage testers are fast and easy to use, especially when you are testing many circuits. The convenient open-jaw current tester automatically turns on when voltage exceeds 6V. It then auto-selects the correct parameters and range for your test. These rugged testers are suitable for virtually all your daily electrical measuring tasks.

Key Features:

  • Phase rotation tester and voltage range up to 1000 V
  • Unique feature which allows the user to check for voltage using only a single lead
  • Polarity detection for DC circuits
  • Meter automatically detects testing in-process and selects correct meter configuration which saves time and optimizes accuracy


All-in-one voltage tester and current measuring instrument: the innovative testo 755-2. A multitasker for almost all daily electrical measuring tasks. With automatic measurement parameter detection, exchangeable measuring tips and an extended voltage range up to 1,000 V.

With the testo 755-2, you are equipped for the most important tasks of the working day. The current/voltage tester is suitable for determining voltage or de-energization, checks voltage level and continuity and measures flow of current along with current consumption. It is a simple task to change faulty measuring tips – without needing to replace the instrument. And the automatic measurement parameter detection and integrated torch make operation and measurement particularly easy and reliable.

Compared to the testo 755-1, the testo 755-2 has an increased voltage range of up to 1,000 V and enables rotating magnetic field measurement along with single pole Voltage Testers to determine quickly whether conductors are live.


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