Comdronic AC7 High Pressure Commissioning Meter

$3,800.00 + Freight & GST

  • Measurement Range:
    • 1.0 kPa – 800 kPa
  • Temperature Limits:
    • Line Fluid (at the sensor): +2°C to +50°C
    • Ambient: +2°C to +45°C
  • Accuracy:
    • +/- 1.0% of reading, or
    • +/- 0.2 kPa, whichever is greater
  • Maximum Total System Pressure:
    • 20 bar
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Electronic Manometry in the 21st Century

The Comdronic AC7-HP is an electronic manometer which is designed to measure differential pressures – within the range of 1 kPa to 800 kPa – Simplicity and sophistication in a single meter for commissioning water-based HVAC systems.

Extensive Valve Database – At Your Fingertips!

The performance characteristics of over 5,000 valves – from 70+ manufacturers – are pre-programmed into the AC7-HP and this extensive knowledge-base is continually being updated as new valves are introduced onto the market. Valve data files are automatically updated whenever an AC7-HP is serviced by us.


A nine-button navigation keypad couldn’t be simpler to use. Screen backlights ensure that readings are always easy to read, even in the darkest of areas


The use of of industry-leading pressure sensors gives extremely high measurement accuracy. Bespoke firmware delivers a powerful, flexible, easy-to -use tool for the discerning commissioning engineer


Lightweight, portable and compact. Supplied in a robust carry case, complete with quick-release connection hoses, Binder-style connection adaptors, tools and comprehensive instrumentstions.

Measurement Accuracy

Range 1-800 kPa Accuracy +/-1.0% reading
Hystersis 0.2% span

Measurement Range

1 kPa to 800 kPa

Maximum Total System Pressure

20 Bar

Effective Operating Time

20 Hours (normal usage)


DP and Flow display—shows valve type, Kvs value, handwheel setting (Variable orifice),  Differential pressure, Flowrate, valve maker, valve type & valve size.
Advanced display—shows valve type, Kvs value, handwheel setting (Variable orifice), Design flow, target Flow, Differential pressure, Flow, valve maker, valve type, valve size.
DP only display—for use when fluid velocities are being used as a simple manometer. Differential Pressure is shown in extra large text.

Flow only Display-for use when fluid velocities are being measured for the purposes of system flushing. Flow is shown in extra large text

Storage of Commissioning Data

Up to 100 storage locations are available for manually storing valve information on-site.


Context sensitive help is available for all functions. Dedicated button available for this function


Differential pressure- Pa, kPa, psi, bar, cm H2O, IWGA, Ft HD
Flow- l/s, l/m, l/h, USGPM, UKGPM, m³/H, m³/m, or m³/s (plus velocity units of m/s or f/s)

Edit Functions³

Design flow, target flow, specific gravity, Kvs, valve maker, valve group, valve model, valve size, handwheel position. .


Over 5,000 valves and measuring devices from 70+ manufacturers worldwide.

HIGH PRESSURE manometer 1-800 kPa differential. The Comdronic AC7-HP meter is an electronic manometer programmed to carry out differential pressure measurements primarily on balancing valves within the HVAC industry. On board extensive database of the world’s balancing valves allows direct reading of flow, differential pressure, percentage of design flow and target flow. The nine button design allows simple navigation of the easy to follow menu system with all parameters visible on screen. System accuracy is by the use of carefully selected sensors protected by DSP Technology with resolution and accuracy most appropriate to the range of differential pressures being measured. The use of sophisticated electronics and highly successful mechanics removes the need for cumbersome ‘water boxes’ with their poisonous and inconvenient fillings. Pressure differential ranges are more suited to modern systems with higher differentials being measured across Diff controllers and some automatic balancing valves. Combining this with a database of over 5000 balancing valves from 70+ manufacturers the AC7 is the obvious choice for the modern commissioning engineer. The compact and lightweight AC7 includes transducer/display unit, snap connector anti kink tubing with isolation valves, snap connectors for most valves, protective rubber boot, toolkit, quick reference guide and instruction manual.