Testo 465 Non Contact Tachometer


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Testo 465 Non-Contact Tachometer

Measure RPM safely and easily with Testo’s pocket-sized tachometer, the 465. Easy to use with just one hand, simply attach a reflective marker to the rotating object, stand up to 600mm and point the visible red beam at the reflective marker before activating a measurement. The 465 will then display an RPM value and store MIN/MAX values taken over a period of time. This meter is capable of measuring RPM across a range of +1 to 99999RPM.

Testo 465 Tachometer Key Features Pocket sized design – easy to use, even with one hand Visible laser pointer Measurement distance up to 600mm RPM range of 1 to 99999RPM MIN/MAX value calculation

What’s Included? Testo 465 Tachometer, Reflectors & Batteries


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