Testo Smart Probes AC & Refrigeration Test Kit PLUS 0563000241

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  • Application-specific measurement menus for superheating/subcooling, target superheat, heating/cooling power
  • More than 90 common refrigerants plus refrigerant updates in the testo Smart Probes App
  • 100 m Bluetooth® range for particularly flexible applications
  • Transmission and analysis of measurement data via testo Smart Probes App
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Product Description

For refrigeration engineers: The kit contains two testo 549i high-pressure gauges, two testo 605i thermohygrometers and two testo 115i clamp thermometers. Used in conjunction with your smartphone/tablet, the kit is ideal for servicing, troubleshooting and installing air conditioning and refrigeration systems. The testo Smart Probes App makes your work easier and more efficient: over 90 stored refrigerants, automatic calculation of superheating/subcooling, target superheat and cooling/heating power, emailing of measurement data reports as PDF or Excel files.

testo 115i – Clamp thermometer operated via smartphone

Order-Nr. 0560 2115 02

  • Convenient temperature measurement on refrigeration, air conditioning and heating systems – thanks to wireless connection to your smartphone or tablet
  • Fast identification of temperature changes by graphic progression display

testo 549i – High-pressure gauge operated via smartphone

Order-Nr. 0560 2549 02

  • Measurement of high and low pressure
  • Low refrigerant loss – since no hoses are required for measurements

testo HVAC softcase – storage case for testo Smart Probes measuring instruments

Order-Nr. 0516 0283

  • Practical storage case for all Smart Probes: testo 115i (2x), testo 405i, testo 410i, testo 510i, testo 549 (2x), testo 605i (2x), testo 805i and testo 905i
  • Outside: impact-resistant, flexible hard shell with zip

testo 605i – Thermohygrometer operated via smartphone

Order-Nr. 0560 2605 02

  • Measurement of air humidity and temperature in rooms and ducts
  • Automatic calculation of the dew point and wet bulb temperature via testo Smart Probes App



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