Testo 350 Emission Analyser : Control Unit with BT only

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Testo 350 Emission Analyser: Control Unit with BT only

Now available with easyREPORT™ software The most powerful combination for emission testing Compliance testing and combustion troubleshooting is now easier when you use the new Testo 350.
This new portable emission analyser provides the highest accuracy, ultra-rugged construction, easy operation and innovations in measurement technology to set a new standard in portable analysers.

A New Standard in Serviceability: The new Testo 350 raises the bar in testing serviceability. Its new design allows for routine service and “plug and play” convenience – no tools needed. Simply click out the sensor, or chiller filter, or pump – it’s that simple.

Other features include: Easy-access service opening Thermally-separated sensor chamber Plug and play “smart sensors” for easy field replacement Automatically monitored condensate trap with CO2 upgrade Cooling loop designed to isolate electronics and sensors from harsh ambient conditions Automatic flow-controlled sampling pump so a constant sample flow is maintained

Control Unit

The control unit is the operating and display unit of the testo 350. It can be removed and carries out all settings. The presentation of the measurement values takes place via the large colour graphic display. Thanks to the internal memory, measurement data can be transferred from the analyser box to the control unit.

The advantages of the testo 350 control unit:

  • Operation of the analyser box and transfer of the measurement data even when the flue gas pipe and the adjustment site are separated, especially helpful for industrial burners, for example.
  • Measurement data can be transferred from the analyser box to the control unit. This means the analyser box can remain at the measurement site for further measurements, and the control unit taken away in order to process the measurement data.

The application-specific menu guides you through the menu and easy operation, without previous knowledge of the instrument, reduces work steps before the start of your measurements.

The following measurement objects are available:

  • Burner
  • Gas turbine
  • Engines (Select λ > 1 or λ ≤ 1 regulated industrial engines)
  • User-defined



Typical fuels, a practicable order of the exhaust gas parameters in the display, the corresponding calculations as well as useful instrument pre-settings, are stored under each of these measurement objects. The instrument diagnosis as well as warning reports in clear text inform of the current status of the flue gas analyser.

Analyser Box

The analyser box contains up to 6 gas sensors, the pumps, the Peltier gas preparation (optional), filters, analysis and storage electronics as well as the mains unit and the Li-ion battery.

The robust housing has built-in impact protection, allowing the analyser box to be used in tough conditions. Downtimes due to dirt in the instrument are almost completely eliminated by intelligent design and robustness. Inherently sealed chambers protect the interior of the instrument from dirt from the surroundings. The analyser box can, after programming, independently carry out measurements and store measurement data.


Measurement range extension

The automatic measurement range extension for unexpectedly high gas concentrations. In measurements on unfamiliar systems, or under less than ideal operating conditions, unexpectedly high emission values (e.g. CO concentrations up to 50,000 ppm) can occur. In these cases, the measurement range extension is automatically activated. This means maximum sensor life.


Easily accessible service opening

The service opening in the underside of the instrument allows very easy access to all relevant service and wearing parts such as pumps and filters, which can then be quickly cleaned and/or exchanged on site.

  • Reduction of instrument unavailability due to service times.
  • Cost savings due to instrument maintenance by the user.
  • Immediate access to all relevant wearing parts.


Easy exchange of the gas sensors

The gas sensors are pre-calibrated and can be exchanged, replaced or extended by further measurement parameters without test gas – if necessary directly on site.

  • No more long service times
  • Flexible extension of the testo 350 by further gas measurement parameters when applications or regulations change.
  • A report is immediately issued when the NO sensor filter is used up. Then only the filter needs to be changed, and no longer the whole NO sensor.

Data interfaces

Controlling measurements just got easier, read out, transfer and print measurement data! These data interfaces are selectable for easy communication and data transfer:

  • Bluetooth® 2.0 (up to 100 m without obstruction)
  • USB
  • Infrared interface (Communication with the Testo printer)
  • Testo databus (up to 800m cable length) for the simultaneous operation of up to 16 analyser boxes.


To achieve the full potential of the analyser you can choose from a big selection of different flue gas sampling probes for all applications. With our software “EasyEmission” you are able to read out, edit, archive and manage the data.

A choice of 3 unheated or heated industrial gas sampling probes

The Testo 350 emissions analyser is now available with a choice of 3 unheated or heated industrial gas sampling probes for measurements involving high temperatures, high dust loads or wet flue gas. The new sampling probes have been specially designed by Testo engineers to be able to measure aggressive condensate, high dust concentrations or mechanical stress reliably and accurately, even at very high temperatures. The probes can be customised to the relevant measuring task by adding accessories.

Three options are available; modular standard gas sampling probes with options for different temperature ranges (500 °C / 1,000 °C) and probe lengths (35 mm / 700 mm); gas sampling probes for measurements on stationary industrial engines and high temperature industrial gas sampling probes, suitable for measurements involving high temperatures, high dust loads or wet flue gas.


Industrial gas sampling probes

The unheated or heated industrial gas sampling probe is used for measurements involving high temperatures, high dust loads or wet flue gas. The industrial gas sampling probe can be customized to the relevant measuring task by adding accessories.





Gas sampling probes for measurements on industrial engines

The gas sampling probes for industrial engines are particularly suitable for measurements on stationary industrial engines (e.g. gas engines / diesel engines).






Modular standard gas sampling probes

Standard gas sampling probes are available for different temperature ranges (500 °C / 1,000 °C), in different lengths (35 mm / 700 mm) and even for dusty flue gas (with preliminary filter).

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