TESTO Sensor LD Ultrasonic Leak Detector

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Noises in the ultrasonic frequency range develop when compressed air and gases escape from leaks in piping systems (cracks, pinholes, leaking screw connections, corrosion etc.). With the Class 1 testo Sensor LD, even the smallest of leaks, which are inaudible to the human ear and non-visible due to their size to other test methods or to visual inspection can now be detected even if they are several meters away. The Testo Ultrasonic Leak Detector converts the inaudible ultrasonic frequency to audible frequencies. With the comfortable soundproof headphones provided, these sounds can even be perceived in noisy environments.

With the help of an integrated laser pointer, which serves as a targeting device, the leak can be located even more accurately. The sensitivity of the device can be further improved using a specially designed acoustic trumpet and the focus tube with focus tip, which can ensure a greater concentration of the sound waves. This acoustic trumpet acts as a directional microphone, that suppresses annoying background noises and facilitates the precise localization of leaks in inaccessible areas.

Some typical applications for the Class 1 Testo Sensor LD:

Special product features

  • Leaks in pressure and vacuum systems.
  • Leaks in containers.
  • Leakage points in the pneumatic brakes of trucks and trains.
  • Leaks in piping systems.
  • Leaks in oxygen connections in hospitals.
  • Leaks in steam separators – leaky valves.
  • Electrical partial discharges on seals

Also, defective bearings in engines and transmissions produce sounds in the ultrasonic range, which can be detected with the TESTO SENSOR LD.

  • Ruggedness and low weight ensure a
  • fatigue-free operation within industrial environments.
  • Improved detection of leakages with an optional acoustic trumpet.
  • Modern lithium-ion battery with a high capacity and an external battery charger.
  • Operating time > 10 h.
  • Simple operation via keypad
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