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340 emission analyser

  • Testo portable emission analyser
  • Buy online NOW! lowest price

Testo 340 Gas Engine Kit – including:

  • Testo 340 instrument with BT- part no 0632 3340 – includes O2 measuring cell
  • Testo CO sensor (H2 comp.) 0 to 10,000 ppm – Part No. 03931100
  • Testo NO sensor 0 to 3000ppm – Part No. 03931150
  • Testo NO2 sensor 0 to 500 ppm – Part No. 03931200
  • Transport case 340 – Part No. 05163340
  • Switching Power Supply 6.3 VDC, 2000mA – Part No. 05541096
  • Modular Probe 335mm MAX T. 1000 degrees C. – Part No 06008764


Testo 340 instrument data :

Testo AG has introduced a 4-sensor instrument making emission measurement easier, faster and more flexible. The testo 340 (with BlueTooth) can be operated with one hand, offering optimum handling for spot measurements in places such as burners or industrial engines. The testo 340 has a measuring range extension allowing the user to carry out unrestricted measurements even at high gas concentrations. The integrated rubber skin of the instrument protects the product from impact on a daily basis.
Testo 340 offers many benefits such as:
1. The unique measuring range extension feature facilitates unlimited measurements even at high gas concentrations
2. Compact design combined with reliable engineering makes testo 340 the ideal analyser for commissioning, service and maintenance work as well as measurements for monitoring purposes
3. testo 340 is equipped with an O2 as standard. 3 additional gas sensors can be individually configured at any time so your analyser is optimally adapted to your measurement job
4. Automatic sensor protection at high gas concentrations
5. Increased safety due to built-in condensate trap
6. Space for 4 gas sensors
7. Bigger selection of different probe lengths, designs, diameters, and temperature ranges ensures flexibility for all applications The testo 340 is ideal in the following areas: • Industrial burners • Stationary industrial engines • Gas turbines • Thermal processes


testo 340 4-Gas Combustion Analyzer

The ultimate instrument in portable combustion
and engine tuning

Optimising combustion, increasing efficiency and minimising fuel use are necessary to compete in today’s market. The Testo 340 provides the information to understand your process, enabling you to make informed combustion decisions. It is the ideal tool to confirm proper set-up or identify emission problems.

  • Up to 4-gas sensors to use and measure simultaneously
  • CO sensor with dilution (option) for high-range testing
  • Infrared printing so you can print records (flash Mode) to Testo infrared printer
  • Mass measurements in lbs/year

Rugged and durable – 4-Gas Flexibility in a rugged, compact handheld design

  • 4-gas choice of O2, CO, COlow, NO, NOlow, SO2
  • Field-replaceable pre-calibrated sensors means zero downtime
    so you can keep testing!
  • All sensors read at the same time
  • 18 fuels to choose from, plus 10 user-defined fuels (input from easyEmissions)
  • Automatic Sensor Protections keeps your analyser working longer
  • Integrated pressure sensor measures draft or differential pressure and simultaneously measure exhaust gas and flow velocity for flow
  • Designed for simple, fast operation and constructed for demanding daily rugged use!

Easier Engine Tuning at a Lower Cost

Some combustion sources run normally high concentrations while others are high because of inadequate control or flawed set-up. High concentrations can reduce the normal life span of sensors. Testo’s solution is replaceable interference filters on the CO and NO sensors. Analyzer diagnostics will display the filter lifetime in ppm hours to inform you of filter change-out which is easy and quick to replace. This simple process increases accuracy and extends sensor lifetime.

Testo has a complete line of products to assist in testing the exhaust gas of each diesel powered unit. The testo 340 four-gas analyzer is perfect identifying concentrations of O2, CO, NO, and NO2  (NOX) for mining applications.

Onboard Diagnostics:
The testo 340 engine tester button gives you the power to know.

Simply go to the diagnostics screen to see instrument status:

  • Perform an automated quick leak check before your test.
  • See the rechargeable lithium battery status (lasts approximately 6 hours with pump on)
  • Review the pump flow rate (l/min)
  • Display error status with description and diagnosis and last service/maintenance date
  • Graphic representation of sensor calibration data
  • Shows status of condensate trap

easyEmissions – A powerful and efficient software tool

easyEmission software gives you extraordinary data management skills with real time analyser control. It has the power to import/export data from a variety of formats and prepare custom reports and documents using today’s common Windows-based applications. Learn more by going to the easyEmission page.

Rugged Gas Sampling Probes for all Types of Applications

Every probe and hose assembly is constructed of the highest quality material. The probes cam-lock connection to the 340 assures your security and safety during testing. The standard Teflon hoses are also heat-resistant.

  • 335mm to 700mm length probes
  • Hoses can extend to 5m with extensions (optional)
  • Testo Modular Probe – part no 0600 8764 – 335mm long MAX T. 1000 degrees C.

Modular flue gas probe


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Analysis of the gas atmosphere (thermal processes)

Flue gas analysis is used for thermal manufacturing processes, from ongoing emission control, via setting and optimisation of combustion systems, through to process monitoring. Flue gas analysis instruments serve to optimise operations and save fuel. At the same time, flue gas measurement enables checking and monitoring of flue gas emission limit values laid down by the authorities, along with functional testing of permanently installed emission instruments. Flue gas analysis instruments are increasingly used for monitoring process and product quality.

Advantages of the testo 340

Ideal for measurements at high concentrations

  • When recording extremely high concentrations, the measuring range extension is automatically activated. This enables continuation of the measurement. The gas sensor is not subjected to any higher stress than it is at low gas concentrations. This ensures the sensor has the longest possible service life.

Service measurement on industrial engines

Flue gas analysis instruments are one of the items of equipment that are used on a daily basis by service engineers to achieve optimum tuning of engines. Flue gas measurement is used on industrial engines when they are commissioned, at regular maintenance intervals or for troubleshooting when they are running in an unstable way. The background to flue gas measurement is tuning the engine to the optimum operating parameters while complying with the limit value regulations in force. Maintenance work that is carried out regularly makes an important contribution to avoiding downtimes over the long term, to ensuring the quality of the system and thus a high level of efficiency and to having a significant influence on emission levels.

Advantages of the testo 340
Separate NO and NO2 measurement

  • The real NOx value is measured with the NO and NO2 sensor combination. In gas engines, the NO2 component of the NOx value can fluctuate greatly, so the separate measurement of each of the gases is necessary for correct NOx values.

Measurements even at high CO concentrations

  • At unexpectedly high concentrations (up to 50,000 ppm), the automatic dilution of the sensor with fresh air allows measurements even when the engine conditions are not defined, without negatively affecting the service life of the sensor.

Special flue gas probes for industrial engines as an accessory

  • These probes are highly heat-resistant and specially designed to compensate for different pressure conditions, e. g. for measurements before and after the catalytic converter.

Engine-specific parameters

  • The most important parameters for industrial engines such as O2, CO, NO, NO2, NOx and Lambda can be displayed simultaneously.

Service measurement on industrial burners

The testo 340 flue gas analysis instrument offers service engineers a vast range of technical functions. In addition to compliance with environmental regulations, it can also be used to check correct functioning and to optimise burner efficiency. Flue gas measurement is used on industrial burners for safe and efficient commissioning, at regular maintenance intervals or for troubleshooting when they are running in an unstable way.

Advantages of the testo 340
Time saving through helpful instrument pre-settings

  • Typical fuels, a sensible sequence of flue gas parameters in the display and useful instrument settings are preset for each application. Tips on the display take the user through the measurement (no prior knowledge specific to the instrument needed). The testo 340 is ready for operation within just a few minutes.

Unrestricted measuring at high concentrations

  • When commissioning burners or carrying out measurements on unfamiliar systems, very high concentrations can occur unexpectedly. The measuring range extension is automatically activated in such cases.

Always ready for use – even in tough day-to-day work

  • The robust housing protects the measuring instrument from knocks.

Reference Information

Cummins Reference Article

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