Testo 400 air flow kit with 16mm vane probe 056304007

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Testo 400 air flow kit with 16mm vane probe

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Testo 400 universial IAQ instrument, including transport case for volume flow measurement, testo DataControl software, silcone hoses, main unitwith USB cable and calibration protocol

Vane probe (16mm diameter) with Bluetooth, including temperature sensor: comprising 16mm vane probe head, telescope (extendable to 1.0m) handle adapter and Bluetooth handle), 4 x AA batteries and calibration protocol

Vane probe head (100mm diameter), including temperature sensor and calibration protocol

High-precision humidity/temperature probe head, including calibration protocol

90 degrees angle for connection vane probe 100mm diameter

Product Description

Ideal kit for IAQ professionals, with a focus on air flow measurement. You will receive the testo 400 universal IAQ measuring instrument with intuitive measurement menus, one hot wire probe head (including temperature and humidity sensor), one vane probe head (Ø 100 mm) and one high-precision humidity/temperature probe head – all three can be attached to the Bluetooth® handle supplied. For measurements at ceiling outlets, simply combine the 100 mm vane probe with the telescope (can be extended up to 1.0 m) and the 90° angle.
  • Standard-compliant determination of the volume flow in ducts using grid measurements as per EN ISO 12599 and ASHRAE 111
  • Determination of the volume flow at outlets by measuring the reference pressure and entering the manufacturer-specific K-factor
  • Smart, intuitive measurement programs, complete your measurement with full documentation on site at the customer’s premises or carry out further analysis using the testo DataControl measurement data management and analysis software
  • In the kit: testo 400 universal IAQ instrument, hot wire probe (with Bluetooth® handle and telescope), vane probe head (Ø 100 mm), high-precision humidity/temperature probe head, 90° angle, case



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Testo 400 Data Sheet

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